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Do you want to stay up to date with what’s happening in New Haven Community Schools?

Do you want to be able to help promote the positive things that are happening in our community?


If you answered yes to either of the questions above and don’t currently receive the electronic Key Communicator then please read below of how you can sign up.


New Haven Community Schools is always looking to improve the communication in our district. We desire to meet the needs of staff, parents and community members who want to know what’s happening in the school district. We are currently working to update and expand the “Key Communicator” distribution list.  Approximately every two weeks, a printable Key Communicator update will be sent via email to anyone interested. These updates can be read online or printed as you desire.  In addition, other communications will be sent periodically that could include events in the district, information on new projects being initiated, celebrations of student success, and other important information about the school district.


Why do we call it “Key Communicator”? We are hoping by sharing important district information with you, you’ll pass it on to others. Whether it is in a store, on social media, in the backyard, or at special events, when the conversation turns to New Haven Community Schools, we want you to be informed.


Tell all your friends to get on the list! We would like everyone to be a “Key Communicator”!  Please click any of the links below to see a sample of what you will receive approximately twice a month.




To get on the list, just send an email to: and in the subject line write “add me to Key Communicator”.  In the body of the email please include your first and last name then identify parent or your business name as it applies (your email address may not identify this information and we like to have it in the distribution list).


Links to recent Key Communicators:

 Downloadable Files
2015-2016 School Year Editions:

Key Communicator 10 2 15.pdf
Key Communicator 9 18 15.pdf
Key Communicator August 28 2015.pdf
Key Communicator August 12, 2015.pdf




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