School-Aged Child Care

S.A.C.C. is a program that provides supervision for school-age children before and after school in grades Young 5's through fifth grade or the age of 12.  S.A.C.C. is also available for most half days, early releases and holiday breaks. Closed on Snow Days. 

Program Locations & Hours:

S.A.C.C. is available on most 1/2 days, early releases and most holiday breaks from 6:00a.m.- 6:00p.m.  Not open on snow days.

Registration Fee:

$25.00 per child / $40.00 per family

Hourly Rates:

$4.25 per child / $3.75 for each additional child
We also accept Child Development & Care (CDC) subsidy 

Daily and weekly rates are available during summer and school-holiday breaks.

Endeavour School

22505 26 Mile Road
Ray, Michigan 48096
Direct:  586-749-8075          
Phone: 586-749-3401
Fax:     586-749-8338

Before School:


After School:


New Haven Elementary

57701 River Oaks Drive
PO Box 482000 
New Haven, Michigan 48048
Direct:  586-749-8136
Phone: 586-749-8360
Fax:     586-749-8365

Before School:


After School:


More Information

For more information, please contact:

S.A.C.C. Supervisor

Janice Raska-Dolan
Email Janice Raska-Dolan

Site Supervisor

Rhonda Davis
Email Rhonda Davis

Endeavour S.A.C.C. at 586-749-8075
New Haven Elementary S.A.C.C. at 586-749-8136.

All rates are subject to change.