Welcome Back to the 2022-2023 School Year!!

A letter was emailed out on September 4, 2022 with bus route information.  If you did not receive information please reach out to Steve Bruen via email for further information.

Please be patient the first few days of the year as we are still adjusting the times of the routes.  To help us out please have your student at their stop 10 minutes prior to their pick-up time.

Thank you,

Steve Bruen - Transportation Director

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2021-2022 School Year - If you have a question regarding your student's bus stop, please email Steve Bruen.

Letter to Parents - Bus Safety

If you have questions or concerns at any time of the year, please call the Transportation Department at 586-421-2560.

In order to ensure we live our mission every day of the year, we have the following practices in place:

Driver Certification

Our drivers meet and exceed all state required certifications. 

Bus Maintenance

We are proud to announce that our bus fleet scored 100% perfect on the 2010-2011, 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 state bus inspection! Our buses go through regular routine maintenance and, when unforeseen repairs are necessary, they are repaired immediately. We have spare buses in the event a bus is taken off its route for maintenance.


Harsh Michigan winters can take a toll on our district roads, particularly the unpaved roads.  In previous years the potholes were huge, and we had to slow down our routes. In some cases, roads were impassible, and routes were changed. Our Transportation Department sent out flyers and called parents personally if they were impacted. We’re a small school district. One of the advantages of our size is you receive a personal touch. We know you, and you know us. We make sure we communicate before any problems arise.


Our drivers care about your kids. They are usually the first person to see your son or daughter in the morning and the last district employee to say, “good night”. Over 80% of our students take a bus to and from school. We know you’re counting on us to deliver safe and friendly service. We value you and your children. We also value the positive relationship we have with you. 

General Guidelines

  1. Bus schedules are published on the district website and linked from your school’s website, or you can pick up a copy at any school building office.  

  2. Students should be at their assigned bus stop a few minutes early. 

  3. Be courteous to your driver and listen to all instruction.

  4. When waiting for the bus, stand back away from the curb and form one line.

  5. It is strongly recommended that a parent or an adult accompany their child(ren) to the bus stop and make sure they know the stop number at which they are to get off on the way home.  Parents are also urged to make sure their child(ren) know which stop to get off and plan to meet them there.

  6. Kindergarten students to be dropped off at their assigned stops.  

  7. Remain seated and face the front of the bus at all times.

  8. To promote safety, feet and belongings need to stay out of the aisle.

  9. Talk quietly.  No loud shouting, screaming, or singing is allowed.

  10. Be absolutely silent at all railroad crossings.

  11. No eating or drinking on the bus.

  12. Do not stand up until the bus has stopped.

  13. Fighting on a bus is an automatic loss of bus riding privileges.

  14. Purposely damaging or defacing a bus in any way may lead to permanent denial of bus riding privileges.

Thank you for helping us to ensure a safe and caring transportation environment for your child!

Drop-off & Pick-up Regulations

The New Haven Community Schools policy is to only transport students from home to school and from school to home.  Therefore, the address given by parents for the pick-up of a student at the start of each school year is also the child’s permanent drop-off spot.  If a situation arises where a child cannot be at that stop, the parent/guardian is responsible for the child’s transportation to school.  If a child misses the bus and is taken to another regular stop, he/she will be picked-up there, but the bus will not stop in the middle of a block, or at any other unauthorized stop.

If a child is to be dropped off anywhere except the address given, such as at a baby-sitter, the building office must be informed so that transportation can be provided to a stop near that location.  Once this is established as a drop-off, it will be permanent for the school year.  Office personnel and bus drivers have been told that dropping students off at a friend’s house after school for a birthday party or a sleepover are not acceptable reasons for changes in bus stops. 

To keep track of all students, bus drivers have been directed not to deviate from their regular route and stops. 

Steve Buren 
Phone: 586-421-2560 or 586 749-5123 and Option 5
Email Steve Buren